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Weatherby down to AI performance levels but you can't load the AI up to Weatherby performance. Also, if you like 7mm bullets;. Weatherby's Big 7 is based a shortened H&H Magnum case with the usual double radius Weatherby shoulder. This is the same basic case used for the I have a Mark V chambered in WBY MAG I've never been happy with the The 7mm ballistics are only second to the 's but without the cost and recoil. The 7mm will be a little lighter in terms of recoil than the and and like the poster above says the weatherby ammo will be about x as. Does the 7mm Weatherby version have any additional advantages over the Remington version? In my opinion, yes. Its double-radius shoulder makes it feed very. We carry 7MM WEATHERBY MAG caliber rifles for sale in our online gun shop, Weatherby Mark V Sporter Bolt Action Rifle SPM7MMR60, 7 MM Weatherby Mag. SOLD- A NICE WEATHERBY MK V ACCUMARK ULTRALIGHT in WEATHERBY MAGNUM for sale here. Never hunted with, but a super light setup made for the rugged.

The main difference between 7mm08 and Win is that the has higher case capacity than 7mm This in turn, means that factory loads will have slightly. I'm building a Weatherby for elk hunting here in Colo. What do you think of I like to think that my 7mm Weatherby is plenty gun for Alaska. The The overall length of the , and 7mm Weatherbys are inches the is longer at inches. The and Weatherbys have the.

If you look at the ballistic numbers you will see that the WBY gives you around a yard advantage over the Win. So if you want a I am becoming numb to the actual differences between a Win, Rem, 7 rem mag and a I load between gr bullets and get. Weatherby Bolt-Action | The best hunting rifles at the best prices. Weatherby Mark V Hunter Winchester Bolt Action Rifle QuickView. UG USED Weatherby Mark V Weatherby Mag Left Hand Rifle. C$2,Excl. tax. In stock (1). Bore is excellent. Overall condition is excellent.

Weatherby Magnum is just as fast. Except the WSM offers its performance from a shorter action, and does it with a shorter barrel. It is more available. Kevin Farrants. Patrick Farrants nah. 4 yrs. Douglas Fisher. Love my wby. 4 yrs. Daniel John. Where is the 7mm wby vs 7mm rem mag comparison? Ultra-high velocity, magnum ammunition is how Roy Weatherby got started in the s. WBY MAG Nosler Ballistic Tip 7MM WBY MAG Hornady InterLock.

WBY, the 7mm WBY and the 7mm Remington magnum. The latter has a slightly shallower shoulder angle and is shorter in the neck by a meager 60 thou (mm). I think the number of different offerings for the Wby is totally based on demand. The 7mm Wby isn't selling like I think it should be but I. If you ever do want to use a heavier bullet the 7mm Mag (Weatherby or Remington) will have it all over yhe WSM. The 7mm WSM is a waste.

Recently Sold WEATHERBY MARK V rifle. Image, Sold Item Wby. Mag. Weatherby Inc Mark V WBY MAG - Germany Weatherby Mark V 7mm Weatherby Magnum 3-Round 26" Bolt Action Rifle in AA. Out of stock. Weatherby MDXM7MMWR6O Caliber 7mm Weatherby Magnum Condition New. Weatherby Mark V Magnum 7mm lion hunting ad advertisement k geetobill % Positive feedback. geetobill (); % positive feedback. Using a grain bullet, the Weatherby 7mm hit the chronograph at 3, (feet per second) fps with 3, foot-pounds of energy (fpe). The Remington 7mm, not to.

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The more popular 7mm Remington Magnum, introduced in , has similar ballistics when compared to the 7mm Weatherby. However, being introduced 18 years. If your interest is long-range shooting, the 7mm WBY can be about as good as it gets. Accuracy is in the same league as the now nearly forgotten 7mm Remington. and Weatherby? If you look at the ballistics charts, there is very little discernable difference between the and 7mm Magnums. If I were to own. If you dont like the for reasons of powder and recoil vs performance seems you would be going from frying pan into the fire. That said it will smoke a deer. Weatherby MAMM7MMWR6O Mark V Accumark Bolt 7mm Wea BrandWeatherby. Item Weatherby MARMWR6O Mark V Accumark RC Bolt BrandWeatherby. Weatherby Magnum Rifles for sale online or in-store at Sportsman's Warehouse. Shop a full selection Weatherby Magnum rifles from top rifle. First choice Weatherby Magnum, Others 7mm Rem mag, Wthby mag, I prefer a gun with milder kick, although I can handle it, it is nice. I have always been a big fan of the Weatherby magnums, I have several including the wby mag. Both the 7mm and wby mags are great rounds but I have. The more popular 7mm Remington Magnum, introduced in , has similar ballistics when compared to the 7mm Weatherby. However, being introduced 18 years earlier. On cartridge loads over grain the Weatherby can provide fast kills on medium sized game of a range up to yards before noticeable drop-off occurs.
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