22 mag vs 22lr ballistics

An additional note on the Mag (officially, the Winchester Magnum Rimfire) data: this sequence of tests presented a real challenge for our chronographs. For example, CCI's VNT 22 WMR has a muzzle velocity of 2, fps—a good 1, fps advantage over most 22 LR loads—and a yard velocity of 1, fps. While. 22 WMR is my choice out to yards. Beyond that, the HMR gets the nod. Thanks to improved WMR ammunition and firearms, a lot of hunters who left the. CCI Mini-Mag LR 40 Grain Rimfire Ammo.. (81). $ 12¢ / per round. CCI 22 Suppressor LR 45 Grain Subsonic Hollow Point Rimfire Rifle. 22 Mag in the interest of a flatter trajectory and a large increase in game weights that can be cleanly killed with that rifle. Many people seem. 22 LR Grain High Velocity Rifle Ammunition - Rounds. Our Price:For comparison: the CCI Mini-Mag 22LR Ammunition uses a copper plated 40 grain. Out of a rifle, high-velocity 22LR ammo will reach about 1, fps with a 36 gr HP bullet, and is effective on small game out to yds or so. 22 WMR.

I believe 22 WMR may be a better choice for self defense instead of 22 LR. The quality of the ammo is usually much higher in my experience. I. What about in a handgun? Both Hornady and Speer have Magnum loads intended specifically for short barrels. The Hornady Critical Defense round has a gr. Ammo is often loaded with second-rate bullets (for accuracy) and some chambers/barrels don't seem to have the greatest attention to detail

22 Magnum (aka WMR) has a longer case and in general is faster thatLR. Rule of thumb is a Mag will give the shooter an extra 25–50 yards over. Although the bullet diameters are the same, the larger WMR chamber does not support the smaller LR cartridge. Firing the smaller LR round in a. If I'm not mistaken all 22 mag ammo start out super-sonic. As for the 22lr you can shot ammo that starts out below the speed of sound and it doesn't have to.

22 LR saw increased effectiveness. The newer high-velocity LR loads produced up to feet per second more velocity over the original 22 LR's. That. 22 WMR is a great cartridge, but only from a rifle length barrel. I used to own an Automag Mag with a 6” barrel. Velocity over a chronograph was 1, -. 22WMR is a much more powerful round thanLR. It has almost twice as much muzzle energy asLR in some rounds, which gives it more punch when it hits the.

22 WMR is a more powerful cartridge than the Long Rifle and is considered too much for small game hunting at close range. The round however can be used for. This ammo has very impressive ballistics for a 22 WMR however unfortunately it didn't shoot Bergara “B R”LR Rimfire Rifle (with accuracy testing). Ballistic coefficient varies from bullet to bullet based on design, weight, and other factors that are beyond the scope of this article. This is one category. The 22 Magnum cartridge fires the same diameter projectile as the more familiar 22 LR but it does so at significantly higher velocity which frequently.

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The Magnum, with its increased powder capacity, accelerates the same weight bullet to a considerably higher muzzle velocity. The result is an increased. The 22WMR stands for 'Winchester Magnum Rimfire' which was introduced by Winchester in It is sometimes referred to as 22 magnum or 22 mag for short. There. 22 WMR is known for its high velocity (originally a 40 grain JHP bullet at fps) compared to the LR and it has been used to hunt everything from mice to. 22 WMR basically uses the same bullet weights available for Long Rifle (orLR) but with increased case capacity the WMR can maintain the same. I would have gone with the 22 magnum until I saw the review on Gunblast and noted that the 22 magnum rounds with 40 grain bullets were giving NO MORE velocity. CCI Mini Mag vs CCI Stinger. 22 Long Rifle / What is the best barrel length Calibrating velocity with 22 lr ammo in three different barrel lengths 22LR. 22 Mag with an advertised muzzle velocity of FPS (pushing a grain bullet) you get a calculation of FPE. Take that energy and combine it with a. 22 Magnum ammunition is considerably more expensive than LR ammo, it is my choice as an all-round rimfire hunting cartridge. While lacking the vast variety. Combining the low recoil and ammo availability of the classicLR with increased power and accuracy, the Mag cartridge is as versatile as they come. 22 WMR and a corresponding bump in energy of ft-lbs ( ft-lbs for the WMR versus ft-lbs for the LR). Little wonder that the WMR continues.
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